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F de novo intracranial germinoma association with klinefelter's syndrome. buy viagra online cheap generic viagra viagra for sale cheap viagra uk next day delivery buy viagra viagra without a doctor prescription viagra for sale cheap viagra Surg neurol 2006; 66:332; author reply 332. Aguirre d, nieto k, lazos m, et al. Extragonadal germ cell tumors are often associated with klinefelter syndrome. Hum pathol 2006; 37:477. Völkl tm, langer t, aigner t, et al. Klinefelter syndrome and mediastinal germ cell tumors. Am j med genet a 2006; 140:471. Glenn oa, barkovich aj. Intracranial germ cell tumors: a comprehensive review of proposed embryologic derivation. Pediatr neurosurg 1996; 24:242. Chaganti rs, houldsworth j. Genetics and biology of adult human male germ cell tumors. Cancer res 2000; 60:1475. Hailemariam s, engeler ds, bannwart f, amin mb. Primary mediastinal germ cell tumor with intratubular germ cell neoplasia of the testis--further support for germ cell origin of these tumors: a case report. Cancer 1997; 79:1031. Chaganti rs, rodriguez e, mathew s. Origin of adult male mediastinal germ-cell tumours. Lancet 1994; 343:1130. Daugaard g, rørth m, von der maase h, skakkebaek ne. Management of extragonadal germ-cell tumors and the significance of bilateral testicular biopsies. Ann oncol 1992; 3:283. Schmoll hj, souchon r, krege s, et al. European consensus on diagnosis and treatment of germ cell cancer: a report of the european germ cell cancer consensus group (egcccg). Ann oncol 2004; 15:1377. Hartmann jt, fossa sd, nichols cr, et al. Incidence of metachronous testicular cancer in patients with extragonadal germ cell tumors. J natl cancer inst 2001; 93:1733. Böhle a, studer ue, sonntag rw, scheidegger jr. Primary or secondary extragonadal germ cell tumors? J urol 1986; 135:939. Mcaleer jj, nicholls j, horwich a. Does extragonadal presentation impart a worse prognosis to abdominal germ-cell tumours? Eur j cancer 1992; 28a:825. Comiter cv, renshaw aa, benson cb, loughlin kr. Burned-out primary testicular cancer: sonographic and pathological characteristics. J urol 1996; 156:85. Balzer bl, ulbright tm. Spontaneous regression of testicular germ cell tumors: an analysis of 42 cases. Am j surg pathol 2006; 30:858. Bokemeyer c, nichols cr, droz jp, et al. Extragonadal germ cell tumors of the mediastinum and retroperitoneum: results from an international analysis. J clin oncol 2002; 20:1864. Cheng l. Establishing a germ cell origin for metastatic tumors using oct4 immunohistochemistry. Cancer 2004; 101:2006. Motzer rj, rodriguez e, reuter ve,.